Welcome to Harmonious.ai

For AI builders (engineers, scientists, tinkerers), keeping up with AI advances seems daunting. There are too many Discord channels, X and Reddit threads, newsletters, and blog posts out there. Harmonious.ai is created by the AI2 Incubator to help practitioners stay up to date with AI advances. We will start by sharing a weekly roundup of interesting AI research papers where we highlight and review in-depth one paper as the week’s spotlight paper. The weekly roundups also include a few noteworthy papers with shorter commentaries.

Audience: AI builders. No sign-up is required.

Topics: Initially, we will focus on topics related to building real-world LLM-powered applications, including retrieval augmented generation. We are open to other topics such as tools, libraries, frameworks, techniques, guides, etc. Let’s play by ear.

Contributing: Anyone who signs up can contribute: reviews, guides, learned lessons, commentaries, etc.

Sign-up methods: Google, GitHub, Twitter/X, and direct. Once signed up, you will automatically get a weekly digest.

Off-topics: ads (including recruiting ads), AI drama (e.g. OpenAI’s board drama), and anything that is not directly relevant to the folks building AI applications and technologies.

Moderation: For now done by the AI2 Incubator. We aim to keep the signal to noise ratio high.

For the weekly paper roundup, we currently use Hugging Face’s Daily Papers as a source, which has about 50 papers per week. Feel free to ask us to review papers you are interested in by posting in the Review Request category. Below are some initial spotlight papers:


I’m so excited to have a broader community to tap into on paper discussion and practical matters with GenAI. There isn’t a great community focused on GenAI in practice that is easily digestible that I’m aware of.

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