It would be great to have a section with Smol's AI Twitter and Discord summaries

They are putting out some pretty high value content, and making large amounts of information that would otherwise takes dozens of hours to gloss over easily accessible by many.

It would also be nice to index these all and have an easy way to search through them… RAG?

A snippet I shared about Smol earlier:

Recently discovered AI News by the Latent Space Podcast, a newsletter that summarizes insights across the 20 largest AI discords DAILY!!! Parsing 5000+ messages. Discords and niche communities are an incredible source of the latest in AI and explorations :eyes: This newsletter summarizes the best parts of the conversations, while maintaining links, images, the fun stuff, and saves you 4+ hours in reading time with each edition (for free of course).

archive of the latest editions Archive • AI News • Buttondown

subscribe link AI News • Buttondown

Super interesting stuff. Started by Swyx from the Latent Space podcast (HIGHLY recommend tuning in if you aren’t already. entertaining ai podcast). In other news, I dug into his Twitter and hunted down the source code for the scraper. It’s available within this PR for those interested.

IMO, very worth setting a reminder to skim through the editions once every couple days to stay up to date with the latest.

I also recently discovered Robert’s lists on AI folks on X

Using this is a starting point in creating a repository or place where we can make large amounts of AI related information more accessible with search/RAG/whatever seems a powerful value add for our community.